What We Believe

As Lutherans, we believe:

  1. the Gospel/ Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection;
  2. Sacramental/Central are Baptism and Holy Communion;
  3. God manifests himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (our Congregation’s namesake);
  4. Scripture is authoritative as we view it through the eyes of the New Testament.

We believe in the teachings of God and Christ as in the Bible and of Martin Luther, a leader of the Reformation. Luther taught that we are Christians saved by the grace of God and our salvation is through our faith in the love of Jesus Christ.

We believe the Lord’s Table is open to all baptized Christians who believe that he is truly present in the communion in the forms of bread and of wine and who have been admitted to the sacrament in their own congregation. Children are always welcome to the altar for a blessing.

We believe in welcoming people of all beliefs and backgrounds and in participating in civil, informative, and non-judgmental conversation.

We believe in exemplifying the teachings and love of God in our personal, interpersonal, congregational, and community actions.

We believe that Trinity Lutheran Church and its members are vital and vibrant partners of the Wernersville community, participating in its activities and contributing to community leadership.