Sunday School for All Ages

Trinity currently provides a full range of Sunday School classes for all ages from pre-school to two (contemporary and bible study) adult groups. We will be doing Sunday School for our children in Kindergarten through Middle School a whole new way this fall.It is called Rotational Sunday School. In Rotational Sunday School there is no classroom instruction. Instead the children explore a Bible Story for six weeks through a series of workshops and activities. Through this process the kids comprehend the Bible stories, identify with the characters and begin to discover ways to apply the Bible story to their own lives.

We begin each Sunday morning with a 10 minute opening where the children are introduced to the story, ask questions, sing, and have a brief prayer together before going off the workshop of the day. The Parish Education committee has chosen Jonah and the Big Fish as the first Bible Story. We will begin with this theme on Rally Day, which will be Sunday, September 11th. Further information will be posted as plans develop.